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Flying Laundry LLC is a USPPA certified and approved flight school for powered paragliding (aka PPG
or paramotoring). We serve the greater Philadelphia and Delaware Valley area, including residents of
Pennsylvania (PA), New Jersey (NJ), Delaware (DE), Maryland (MD), and New York (NY). In short, if
you live within a 2 hour drive of Philly, and want to take flight lessons and learn how to fly powered
paragliders, then Flying Laundry LLC is here to help YOU realize YOUR dreams of flight!

Powered paragliding is one of the safest, easiest to learn, most cost effective and enjoyable forms of
aviation ever invented!

It's pendulum design makes it stable. It's slow flying speed makes it safe. The paramotor burns only
about 1 gallon of fuel per hour, so it costs almost nothing to operate. Private airplane pilots who are
tired of paying almost six bucks a gallon to fuel an aircraft that burns 4-6 gallons per hour, will find
paramotoring to be a cost effective replacement for their flying hobby.

A powered paraglider (also known as a PPG for
Powered Para-Glider) is a personal ultralight flying
vehicle (FAA part 103) that you wear. The powered paraglider consists of two parts: 1. The
paraglider, or wing, is the cloth canopy that flies overhead, and provides lift, to get you off the
ground. It's usually made of ripstop nylon, with Kevlar or spectra suspension lines (wrapped in
dyneema, for protection). The paramotor (or just 'motor') is the part that you wear on your back. It's
usually a two stroke engine with a propeller, to provide thrust, so you can launch from level ground.
(Another exciting development is the electric paramotor!) We don't need a mountain to launch, like a
regular paraglider or hang glider. We can just lay out our paraglider, strap up our paramotor harness,
and GO! That's right-- we can launch from LEVEL ground and simply run into the sky! It's fun to fly,
and easy to learn. You don't need a flight medical or pilot's license. At Flying Laundry LLC, our USPPA
certified flight instructor will make sure you get all the proper and thorough flight training that you
need. With our proven flight school training program, you'll quickly become a safe and confident pilot.
Your initial pilot instruction will cover everything you need to know about preflight procedure,
launching, landing in-flight operations, handling emergencies, weather, wind and micrometeorology,
site and airspace evaluation, and general airmanship. You can even earn PPG pilot ratings through
the United States Powered Paragliding Association. Best of all, you'll have fun doing it!

This is not riding in a tube-it's FLYING like a bird-the way you've always dreamed. We know several
pilots who fly airplanes for a job, but when the want to have FUN, they get out their paramotor and go
powered paragliding! There's nothing else like it!

Call Flying Laundry LLC, and get started, TODAY!
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